Monday, August 24, 2009

Analysis of GT Spaces 4B

project 4B Analysis of GT Space
In groups of five, visit the World Heritage Site of George Town.

1. Choose any three buildings that are to you thematic (having a common theme) and
photographically record
A. Fa├žade
B. Back
C. Side elevations.

2. Describe the chosen buildings in terms of:
A. Size (in meters) including approximate area in sq m.
B. Building Function.
C. Age

3. Describe the surrounding environment parameters and geographical location.
4. Comment on visible renovation/modification on said buildings
5. Identify significant ornament/embellishment/icons by photographically zooming on them.
6. Pick one element from the cluster of ornaments; free hand sketch it as an icon.

Submission & Presentation: Monday, 24 August 09:00AM - 16:00PM
1. A power point presentation entitled "Spaces of Historic George Town." (on CD)
2. A1 illustration board (handwritten in ink with upper case, mounted photo prints.

Before doing this project ,we go and visit this town
this is photos that we take along the trip

The power point that we do>>>>>>>

A1 illustration board>>>>>>>>